BMW E30/E36 Compact Dual Caliper Adapter Kit


SKU: 0050

Adapter kit allows you to fit additional calipers for
BMW E30 / E36 Compact.
For BMW E30 conversion, rear brake discs
must be fitted from BMW E36 COMPACT.

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Additional set of calipers and carriers must be
from E36 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 / 1.8tds
(do not use from E36 Compact).

This kit allows you to fit Hydraulic Handbrake without interfering into original braking system.
Adapters fits into original mounting holes.

Dual Caliper Adapters, the ultimate solution for maximizing braking performance and control on the track.

Designed for drifters and track enthusiasts, our Dual Caliper Adapters allow for the installation of a secondary brake caliper, specifically designed to operate the handbrake. This innovative setup provides independent control over the rear brakes, enabling drivers to initiate and control slides with precision and confidence.

Crafted from high-strength materials and engineered for durability, our Dual Caliper Adapters ensure reliable performance under the most demanding driving conditions. With easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of vehicles, these adapters are the perfect choice for enthusiasts looking to take their braking system to the next level.

Experience enhanced braking control and confidence on the track with our Dual Caliper Adapters. Elevate your driving experience and unlock new levels of precision and performance with this essential upgrade.

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