BMW Short Shifter – Polished Aluminium


SKU: 0377

BMW – all manual gearboxes
MATERIAL: Aluminium
LENGTH: 32cm
Removable gear knob

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Short Shifter is better than others due to its pendulum mechanism and self-centering spring.
Shifts are more linear than in shifters of other designs, speeds are shifted more clearly.
Gear knob is removable and has M12 x 1.75 Thread.

Compatible with all BMW manual gearboxes as standard, but also suitable for other transmissions
with a similar shift mechanism (350Z, 370Z, GT/GR86, Honda and some Audi models).

Reduce the time of changing gear and make it more precise.
Increase integration and control of the car.

Complete with everything necessary for installation:
Universal platform for installation in any car
Protective dust cover
Screws with washers.

For a best result, we recommend to purchase together with our linkage.

It will help achieve even clearer shifting.
It is also possible to install the OEM shift rod,
if it is in satisfactory condition.

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